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Nimda virus

Name: Nimda virus

File size: 487mb

Language: English

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Nimda is a malicious file infecting computer worm. It quickly spread, surpassing the economic damage caused by previous outbreaks such as Code Red. First appearing on September 18, , Nimda is a computer virus that caused traffic slowdowns as it rippled across the Internet, spreading through four different methods, infecting computers containing Microsoft's Web server, Internet Information Server (IIS), and computer users who opened an e-mail attachment.

Another virus to hit the Internet in was the Nimda (which is admin spelled backwards) worm. Nimda spread through the Internet rapidly, becoming the fastest propagating computer virus at that time. The Nimda worm's primary targets were Internet servers.

EXE Reported Costs $ billion Nimda is a worm on Microsoft Windows and one of the first capable of In a manner similar to a virus, it can also infect files. For additional information, read the document, "Are Macintoshes affected by the Nimda virus?

" Information for Novell users. Novell servers are not directly. Saturday marks the tenth anniversary of the infamous Nimda worm. Nimda (admin spelled backwards) was a hybrid worm that spread via infected email attachments and across websites running vulnerable versions of Microsoft's IIS web server software.

Panda Security. All details about Nimda. Download Panda Security Free Antivirus and Security Resources. Remove Nimda with Panda Security Free Antivirus and Security Resources. Software's free, online scanner, which will quickly detect any possible viruses. This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the infamous and pervasive Nimda virus . In this article, we take a look back in time at the outbreak. Next, the Nimda virus sends all of these recipients an email with an empty body and a subject chosen at random (and often very long).

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