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Jira api attachments

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curl -D- -u {username}:{password} -X POST -H "X-Atlassian-Token: nocheck" -F " [email protected]{path/to/file}" http://{base-url}/rest/api/2/issue/{issue-key}/. Solved: Is it possible to upload attachment in java using REST API without using cURL? Is it possible to upload a file using REST API BROWSER?. Hy, I'm currently building an application which simplify the view of our JIRA platform (I don't know the version) and I would like to know how I.

curl --request GET \ --url ' meta' \ --user '[email protected]:'. curl -D- -u testuser:testuser -X POST -H "X-Atlassian-Token: nocheck" -F "[email protected]" http://localhost/rest/api/2/issue/TES-1/attachments. However, when . GETting an attachment, though, requires the attachment ID. How do I get the attachment IDs for a given JIRA issue? I cannot find that in the API. I'm trying to post an attachment o JIRA using the latest REST API.

Here's my code : public boolean addAttachmentToIssue(String issueKey, String path){ String. I am trying to add attachment to JIRA cards using JIRA API, I'm referring available document for addAttachment API. As expected API is.

Subscribe to receive notifications about changes in REST API of Smart . Key of the JIRA issue which attachments you want to send to email.

I have a requirement to attach payload as an attachment to Jira Issue using JIRA Rest API. I don't want to use JIRA connector or Jira Rest.


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