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array ftp_nlist (resource $ftp_stream, string $directory) . This is really handy if your trying to transfer all the files from a ftp server to another server. Which, is. PHP FTP Reference List files in current directory: get file list of current directory function returns a list of files in the specified directory on the FTP server.

reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. List the files in an array and download each file individually. It uses PHP to listen on the FTP port and handles all requests from the client.

If all you want to do is to read or write to a file in a file server, you can use the wrapper ftp:// along with filesystem functions, that are more simple and intuitive. The following PHP script lets you connect to a remote location via PHP's FTP functionality and delete all files older than a certain amount of given days in that.

php. // ftp_sync - copy directory and file structure. // based on net/manual/es/ // main function witch is called. Using PHP FTP to move files from server to server. Sometimes using . You can zip all files in the folder using this code: /**; * ZIP All content of. This class can list recursively all files in a FTP server. It can connect to FTP server given its URL and traverses the server directories recursively to retrieve the list.

Verify the return values of all the ftp_chdir() calls. Otherwise, you might be way off , fetching the wrong stuff. Excessive nesting is a problem. If you're a website developer you'll probably have countless hours of experience using FTP, from putting sites live, renaming files, deleting files.


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